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Are you looking for a psychiatric assessment?

You'll usually need a referral letter from your GP or another doctor to see one of our psychiatrists. If you are unsure, send us an email to find out. If you have private medical insurance a GP referral letter is essential with most policies.

An initial assessment with a psychiatrist at CSM

An assessment usually lasts an hour, where you will have the opportunity to discuss your mental health and anything that is concerning you in detail. Your psychiatrist may ask some questions about your life and thoughts.

A treatment plan is developed during your appointment and can involve a collaborative discussion about a diagnosis as well as information about medication and treatment options such as onward referral to a therapist. Your psychiatrist will write up your assessment in a written summary and you will receive a copy of this.

If you agree, this assessment summary can be sent to your GP (or referring doctor) so there is an understanding of what the clinical picture is and how you are receiving support for your mental and physical health. If you are referred to therapy, your assessment summary can be shared with your therapist. This is organised by your doctor.

Follow-up Appointments

If you have started medication your psychiatrist will almost certainly want to arrange to see you again to find out how you are getting on and if you are having any side-effects from the medication. Follow-up appointments usually last half an hour. You will be able to have a copy of your follow-up summary.

Contact us to arrange an assessment appointment or to enquire about arranging to see one of our doctors.

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