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Privacy Policy & Complaints Procedure

Christiane Finck is the Data Controller overseeing the process of data, data protection and how it is collected & stored.

What is collected about a person browsing the website?

The website is for information only unless otherwise stated. What you choose to do with the information on this site is your responsibility. The accuracy of the website is maintained to the best of our ability. Central Stress Management accept no responsibility or liability for and makes no promise that the website is error free or virus free.

What is collected about a person contacting us via direct email or filling in an online form?

Personal information or personal data relating to any individual that can be identified such as:

  • First or second name, date of birth or gender.
  • Email address, contact phone number/s & home address.
  • Internet protocol (IP) address linked to the computer/phone/tablet/laptop used to access the website.

By using the above ways to communicate with us you imply your consent to gather the relevant information that includes your identity (personal data).

Why do we store personal data?

Personal information or personal data is collected when:
  • You submit an enquiry.
  • You have requested some information.
  • You have asked for an appointment.

A contract is signed preceding access to services provided by Central Stress Management. This contract may include personal and sensitive information about you. A person providing this information has given consent for us to process sensitive information.

Central Stress Management uses Egress (encrypted) for the benefit of data protection and in the knowledge that once any correspondence/email reaches us, it is secure.

How we use personal data provided to us

All personal and identifiable data is kept securely and in accordance with data protection laws as well as confidentiality policy guidelines relating to medical appointments and treatment.

Why we use personal data provided to us

To assist us in providing treatment and care pertaining to the services offered.

Third Parties

We do not pass on any personal data to third parties for marketing purposes.

We are happy to allow links to our sites that provide anyone browsing with information and support relevant to our services. Any links should provide accurate information & comply with all data protection and medical data protection guidelines. Paramount to any third party (in line with our policies) is not promoting mental health illness negatively or increasing undue distress in anyway.

Any medical or healthcare professional may be included as part of the treatment and care with specific agreement from the person accessing services provided by Central Stress Management.

Healthcare Providers

If you are accessing treatment and care through a healthcare provider, personal data is collected and shared with the relevant healthcare provider in accordance with fees/billing/services as part of the contract agreed and signed by yourself.

Making a complaint

This may include sensitive data and may be necessary in order to process a complaint in an appropriate and timely manner.

Central Stress Management access IT support where personal data may be stored. Central Stress Management hold patient data on a system called MediOffice.

Anyone who has accessed treatment and care has a right to request a copy of information held by us.

Any administrator employed or contracted to work for Central Stress Management has an obligation to report a data breach to the appropriate person who will contact the ICO to ascertain the severity of the breach.

Updates on the website will occur to continue a robust privacy policy & information on the website is reviewed at least twice yearly.

Website Terms & Conditions

Browsing the website, emailing via our contact forms or emailing directly is never 100 % secure and risk-free.

Anyone using the Central Stress Management website accepts our terms and conditions.

Anyone using the website accepts no guarantee to loss or damage to your computer software from viruses. Central Stress Management make all necessary efforts to maintain virus free websites.

The Central Stress Management website has links to London Psychological Therapy Association and vice versa. This is because treatment and care may involve onward referral to therapy. Or during the course of therapy a referral to a psychiatrist may be deemed appropriate and part of the services offered.

The website is updated regularly and does not accept liability for any errors. Anyone can send us feedback or comments about the website and the services provided.

Complaints Policy & Procedure

If you are wishing to make a complaint, we ask you to please put your concerns in writing as soon as possible so we can investigate these and explain, apologise, and take positive action where necessary. In most circumstances, if you tell us about your concern quickly, we can resolve matters straightaway. We kindly ask that you state what has caused you to have concerns and make your points clear. Please document when the relevant events took place and what results you expect from your complaint.

If you wish to send a complaint by post please use your doctor's address. If you do not have access to your doctor's address then send the complaint to:
Your doctor
c/o Central Stress Management
Inspire House
1 Vinces Road
IP22 4HQ.

This is Stage 1 of our Complaints Procedure. Upon receiving your letter, your doctor will send you an acknowledgement of your letter within three working days of receipt of complaint. We aim to provide a full response within 20 working days of receiving a written complaint.
You may be invited to speak with your doctor. If this is the case, an appointment will be made for you without charge. Reasonable assistance will be provided for complainants where required e.g., for those with a disability or those whose first language is not English.

Still unhappy?
Our intention is that matters are resolved to your satisfaction by your treating doctor. However, if you are not satisfied, you are invited to write to:

Complaint Manager
The Independent Doctors Federation
Lettsom House
11 Chandos St

The IDF Complaint Resolution Procedure (Stage 2) will consider your complaint and will undertake a review of the documentation, any correspondence and the handling of the complaint at Stage 1. The IDF Complaint Manager will send you an acknowledgement of your letter within three working days of receipt of your complaint and will request a summary of the matters that remain outstanding that you wish to be investigated. You will be invited to attend a meeting at the start of Stage 2 in order to clarify the matters that remain outstanding and obtain a greater understanding of what you hope to achieve

by escalating the complaint. The IDF Complaint Manager will not have been involved in the matters that led to the complaint or the handling of the complaint at Stage 1. You will be asked to consent to the release of any medical records from the doctor. The IDF Complaint Manager will undertake a review of the documentation, any correspondence and the handling of and response to the complaint at Stage 1. If the review is still in progress after 20 days a letter will be sent to you explaining the delay and a full response made within five days of reaching a conclusion. In any event a holding letter will be sent every 20 days where a review is continuing. The IDF Complaint Manager will write to you when the review is completed to either confirm the outcome at Stage 1 or to offer an alternative resolution.

At this time, the IDF will advise you of your right to take the matter further to Independent Adjudication known as ISCAS (Stage 3) in these procedures.

Throughout the process all information, documents and records relevant to your complaint will be treated in the strictest confidence and no information will be divulged to any parties who are not involved in the IDF Complaint Resolution Procedure, unless required to do so by law.

Stage 3

This stage is only available to complainants who remain dissatisfied once Stage 1 and Stage 2 are exhausted.

A complainant should then request the adjudication by writing to the Secretariat:

Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS)
CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution), 3rd Floor
100 St. Paul’s Churchyard
Tel: 020 7536 6091

Email: info@iscas.org.uk

This written request for adjudication must be made within 6 months of the final determination by the IDF at Stage 2. The complainant at Stage 3 should provide reasons to explain the dissatisfaction with the outcome of Stage 2. ISCAS will acknowledge receipt of the request within three working days The ISCAS Secretariat will seek confirmation from the IDF that Stage 2 has been completed.
The ISCAS Secretariat will notify the IDF of a request for Stage 3 made directly within 10 working days and confirm whether Stages 1 and 2 have been completed. The Secretariat will then be the main contact for the complainant once adjudication is started. A complainant accessing this service will be asked to consent to release of records from the practice and the IDF relevant to the complaint. ISCAS will issue the decision within 20 working days or provide a progress update every 20 working days if the decision is delayed. A report will be made to you, the doctor concerned and the IDF.

Additional information for patients about ISCAS can be found at: https://iscas.cedr.com/
Additional information for patients about the IDF can be found at: IDF – www.idf.uk.net

Unacceptable behaviour by complainants.
At each stage of the complaints procedure, it might be deemed that a patient’s behaviour is unacceptable. We have a policy in place to handle unacceptable behaviour of complainants.

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